Behold, The End of the World is here and Ebola Is the Last Sign!

Nobody ever wants to be a prophet of doom but the circumstances have been changing and try as we may to make sure that we turn a blind eye, the blatant truth is right in front of our eyes. The Bible stated that in the end days, there will be diseases that will be hard to cure and some will not have a cure at all. Most people thought that this was HIV/AIDS and even though scientists are yet to get a way of curing this disease, they have found a way of making sure that you’re able to out survive the virus until something else finally puts you down.

Despite the damage that AIDS brought, not enough cleansing was done and people still continued in their wicked ways. Now there is Ebola and this particular virus means business. Despite the fact that it has been around for quite some time, there is very little that is known about it and the other problem is that it waited until people were more fixated on worldly things like war when it reared its ugly head.

Think about it. A disease that is thought to have started with a 2 year old girl has now spread out of control killing thousands and yet no headway has been made. Countries are shutting down their borders, airports are setting up screening centers and even citizens are finding it hard to get back to their own homes. Things don’t seem like they could get any worse but without a doubt they are. The rate at which the disease is spreading is astounding and not even the most prepared country in the world could save its own.


The conditions that Ebola has brought with it are day by day seeming closer to the end time that was described in the book of Revelations. Scientists thought they had a vaccine and as it turned out, this did not work. The disease is threatening to wipe out entire nations and at this rate, the one that will have the cure is the one that will have the power, this could easily lead to the rise of an Anti-Christ. Do not be amazed if this is a head of Multi-national Pharmaceutical Corporation after all no one wants to die and in such times, people will believe in whoever holds the solution.

Considering the heightened risk of contracting Ebola and the fact that unlike AIDS you cannot only contract it through sexual intercourse but also other bodily fluids like tears and blood, it is more likely for a person to get Ebola than AIDS. And the symptoms? Well do we need to discuss those? This is among the most erratic viral infections that you have seen to date and it does not get worse than bleeding through your eyes. It is time we get on bended knees since the timeliest treatment at the moment can only be a miracle. As it stands, you either beat the virus or you die. There are no two ways about it.