America Has Yet Another Ebola Patient

The power and might of the American’s was tested when they reported the first Ebola case. Everyone thought that some miraculous drug would come out of nowhere and heal Thomas Eric Duncan. However, we all had to watch in disbelief as the life of Thomas slowly slipped away confirming that there was no Ebola treatment anywhere in the vicinity and the worse part is that the US has reported their second Ebola case. The patient’s name is Amber Vinson and you wouldn’t guess who she is! A nurse and more importantly one of those who took care of Thomas Eric Duncan.

However, there is a lot of hoola baloo about her infection more so because she flew in a commercial plane with the symptoms meaning that she put the lives of hundreds of other people at risk but that is not all. Apparently Amber called the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to let them know that she had a worrying fever but there was no one who told her that she could not fly. This begs the question, is the US so focused on cleaning out terrorists so much that they are forgetting their own people?