The Plight Of Agnes Kavindu Muthama

The Kenyan political scene is always the best place for one to get the most comical quotes or even the worst violation of human rights. It is everything that makes the news all in the same place. In recent times, most people have been treated to the antics of senators and Governors fighting for power but one individual decided to take the power wrangles in to his home and this is none other than Johnson Muthama the Senator for Machakos. After having mistreated his wife and forcing her to stay under deplorable conditions, Agnes Kavindu (the senator’s wife) decided to play her last power card by requesting the media, lawyers and human right activist to come to her home and asses her living conditions.

What they did not know is that they were sticking their heads into the mouth of a lion and they spent the next three hours contemplating that move after they were locked inside the residence. However, they were happy they came because the lady had been reduced to staying in the dark in a house that did not have furniture and all the cooking appliances had been taken away. All these were the Senators efforts in making sure that she left the house since he couldn’t kick her out after she got a court order that barred this. If you thought the rich had no problems, Agnes Kavindu is living proof that swimming pool water can be used for anything else other than swimming and cooling off. All these by the same people that claim to be fighting for the best interest of Kenyans.

Here is the video: