Tanzania’s Songbird Ray C: This Is What Drugs Will Do To You

May be the name Ray C does not ring any bells for you so let’s try this instead. Some sexy chic, with very nice eyes and a waistline? Nothing yet? How about some wicked belly dancing from a lady that was very well known for singing bongo flava? That must have rung some bells right? Well, since her heydays, a lot has happened to Ray C and perhaps one of the most notable things that were well documented was her addiction to drugs.


People were quick to judge her with some even saying she had become a pornstar but in a recent interview Tanzania’s former songbird who is now back in studio went to set the record straight.

Ray C went to great depth to explain just how she was introduced into drugs unknowingly (thanks to her ex-boyfriend) and by the time she realized what was wrong with her it was too late to turn back and the only thing remaining was to continue with the trend. This went on up to when she finally got help from a very peculiar source and that was the president of Tanzania Hon. Jakaya Kikwete. (lesson learned; good music can help you in tricky times). After going through a lot of judgment and stigmatization, Ray C finally made it even after people went as far as insinuating something was up between her and the President.

When it broke to the media about her addiction, most of the people were quick to throw stones at her and yet at the time she had sold everything she owned and was virtually a peasant. However, the president came through and what seemed to be Tanzania’s greatest story of shame has turned around to be a great success story. The moral of this story? Women! Don’t date men who do drugs. Especially if they have no vision of where they are going! It is the first grave mistake Ray C made and luckily she lived to tell the tale and she has her own foundation to prove it.

You can watch her interview here: