Wiz-electic Africa Dance Party.!!

The well anticipated ‘Africa dance party’ could not have rocked the 254 in any other way.one word-epic show! Never mind how the tickets were acquired but the party diehards were well represented. Proper and in style. The Nigerian singer and recording artist, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, aka Wizkid thrilled his fans at the carnivore grounds restaurant, on Madaraka’s eve.

Surprisingly, it was wiz’s third time in the 254, which many may not have known. But definitely he’s won the love this time round. The musician, best known for his hit song ‘Caro’, hit the stage amongst deafening cheers from the mesmerized crowd. His set of performances was the ‘ayo’ song, just a month old;’jaye jaye’ and ‘show you the money’. The latter is what the fans could not get enough of. It had to be played again and again.

254’s finest dj’s crown it all, dj crème,dj exclusive and dj protégé, and some lively performance from local artists like sage, octo ,Fena Gitu and Muthoni .Other fine figures who graced the stage were Heavy K ,South Africa’s music composer and the Beat Parade Band. The love weighs out the critics, because it was one the best shows run down. Surely the ultimate party!.