WizKid Lands One Wet One on Huddah Monroe

In case you missed it Whiz Kid was in the country. Yes none other than the “Caro” hit maker. You must be awe stricken especially because it would have been impossible for such a big name to come to Kenya, perform and most people don’t know about this. Well this can be attributed to the fact that most people thought his performance was really whack but that could have been because his eyes were set on something more sumptuous.

After his performance Whizkid went to hang out with the ultimate socialite herself Huddah Monroe and as the two got comfy, Whizkid got a chance to let out what had occupied his mind all along. In a selfie of him and Huddah the West African star was seen planting and awkwardly big and wet kiss on Huddah’s cheek and that just about sealed the deal for him. Even if the show flopped, he did win at the end of the day.