You are lying to us, Gladys Shollei tells CJ Willy Mutunga on twitter

We all thought that the feud between Gladys Boss Shollei and Willie Mutunga will die down after sometime. However, from the look of things, this is highly unlikely. Gladys Boss Shollei who is a former Chief Registrar of the judiciary seems not to have let the issue of her dismissal go. She and the chief justice are at it again this time on twitter.

The twitter exchanges began when the Chief Justice posted on his twitter handle about his residence. He claimed that he does not have a permanent resident and lives on rental allowance. He receives a house allowance worth 100k and is fully taxed.


This did not sit well with Gladys Boss Shollei who responded to this claims by saying they were not true and posting some documents that showed proof he was seeking official residence.

She also said that the Chief Justice has attempted to get official residence from the judiciary since 2011 which the judiciary does not allow.

This exchanges have caught the attention of many Kenyans who do not seem surprised.

  • Caleb Simba

    Shollei needs a good f()()k to calm down

    • Elly Kiptum

      ujinga nayo caleb

      • Molly Milli