This Is The Guy Who Introduced Ray C To The World Of Drugs

They say that the world is a cruel place and whatever goes around will definitely come around. This is what is happening to Ray C’s former boyfriend Lord Eyez. A well-known rapper from the highly popular Tanzanian Hip Hop group Nako 2 Nako soldiers, Lord Eyez has been in the music industry for as long as many can remember.

He has also had a number of issues and one of them was getting Tanzania’s songbird Ray C tangled with drugs. While the song bird has worked to reform her life, her ex-boyfriend has done little and was recently arrested by the police and fired from his workplace under the suspicion of stealing a laptop.


The good part is even after his arrest, Ray C got to show the world that she had not only reformed but she had also forgiven the rapper by posting an inspirational message to Lord Eyez asking him to change and take the bad events that are happening in his life as sign for him to change. Now that is a changed woman!