Lulu Hassan’s Facebook Page Fake

Impersonation is a new thing that is becoming quite rampant on social media where strangers create fake profiles and use them to trick fans into believing they are celebrities. Many celebrities has fallen victim to this. Lulu Hassan is the most recent victim of this act of social media impersonation.

An imposter has created a page claiming to be the real Lulu Hassan and also using the account to give false promises such as awarding presents to those who like her page. This imposter has managed to receive about 23000 likes on the page. Many fans of the journalists have thought that it was the real Lulu Hassan until she recently warned them that it was not her.


The imposter was quite convincing in the sense that he or she had photos of the journalist and often times has posted inspirational quotes to the fans of the page. Fans are left in shock of the new trends in social media.