Now the Chinese Are Becoming Nairobi Hustlers Too!


After coming into the country with a boom, everything about the Chinese was a hit in Kenya. There were Chinese companies, fake Chinese electronics that were flying of the shelves and even half Chinese babies of the women that got a chance to mingle with the very distinguished men who were taking the country by storm.

However, now that the Thika highway is complete and with the number of tenders going down, the Chinese have started looking for other ways to engage their entrepreneurial minds and since Kenya has been known to have quite a diverse job market more so in the hustling sector, it was not quite the shock when one of the jobless Chinese turned to maize roasting so as to be able to make a living. However, he seems to be making quite the stir as a lot of people stare to see the light skinned man going around his business. It is only a matter of time before he starts introducing the best menus that Kenyans have ever heard off like roasted maize dipped in monkey tears.

  • Fazio

    chinese Corn…..just like their phones.. not digestable pengine aanze kuuza mutura

  • Scary

    Thank you ex-president, I thought us Indians were undesirable. Now you have brought in Chinese, they are going to compete with the poor and a new poor class of citizens is going to arise.
    The Indians are hated by the Africans, now the Chinese too shall be hated as well. Soon enough the employers shall start hiring the Chinese since they are more disciplined and are able to get the work done in a shorter duration.
    What’s going to happen in the end!

    • Daniel Blow

      Hmmm, you have given me alot to think about now