Tanzanian Bongo Star, Chidi Benz, Caught Smuggling Heroin and Bhang at Airport

A Tanzanian Bongo Artist Rashid Makwiro popularly known as Chidi benz in the entertainment industry was arrested at the Mwalimu Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar. With stiff competition in the music industry, it seems that the Tanzanian musician found creative ways of making money in desperate situations. Apparently living the high extravagant life calls for serious money and some are willing to go extreme measures to sustain it.

The artist who is popular for his collaboration song with Diamond Platnuz ‘Mpaka KUchee’, who was headed for a show found himself at the wrong side of the law.

Official comment from the chief commandant confirmed that Chidi Benz was nabbed trying to smuggle fourteen kilograms of heroin and two rolls of marijuana (Bhang) at the airport. Since then he has been kept at an undisclosed location and is apparently assisting the Tanzanian Government officials in charge of fighting the drug and alcohol abuse in Tanzania.