The Fracas Kenyan Singer Ringtone caused on the trend


It was a great surprise to all viewers as well as fans when they saw how poorly Ringtone, the gospel musician carried himself on The Trend. There was absolutely no discipline in how he answered the questions Larry Madowo asked or how he acted around the other guest on the shoe, Sabina, a former contestant on big brother Africa. He made comments that made it seem like he was hitting on her. This did not make Sabina lose her cool, instead she made a somewhat sarcastic remark asking whether he was single or not. Ringtone said he was which made Larry and Sabina laugh.

The other thing that was quite weird was when he said that his hairstyle was an inspiration from his role model Mike Sonko. This did not sit well with many especially due to the fact that he is a gospel musician and we all know all the drama Mike Sonko has been involved in. It’s too much for anyone especially a gospel musician to refer to him as a role model.

The musician has received a lot of criticism from his fans who were not impressed by the way he carried himself.