Alfred Mutua Faces the Wrath of Gor Fans on Twitter


Apparently Gor Mahia Foot Club owes Machakos County 10 million shillings and this is a matter that the governor of the county is not taking lightly. In his effort to bring up Machakos County and in a bid to recoup the money, Alfred Mutua banned the club and its fans from ever stepping foot into the county. Now there are two problems here. The first is that Gor Mahia is the most celebrated club in the country and the second is that it has among the most loyal fans and this act was seen as poking a lion in the eye.

Gor fans quickly took to social media and especially tweeter where they started their own hashtag #SomeonetellAlfredMutua to loath back at the governor with all kinds of funny and humorous tweets and as you would expect, the lion was poking back. The good thing is that they were all funny and nothing serious. Some went as far as letting the governor know that Gor had consequently banned the county from hosting any of their matches!