Churchill ‘Daniel Ndambuki’ Turns Detective!


Usually known for his comics, it is worth being concerned if people actually took his tweet seriously when he sort to notify Kenyans of the new method that hooligans are using to rob law abiding citizens.

On facebook and his Twitter handle, Churchill indicated that there was a group of parking boys that had adopted a new method of robbing people. They would come in groups of at least 20 and then start running towards their victim and in the process, they would steal handbags, snatch phones and if they get a chance, land a few punches.

In his typical great sense of humor, he asked the pedestrians that would be using Mbagathi way not mistake the parking boys for a group of people who are simply jogging down their path. However, this warning may have come in time before more and more people fell into the trap that the boys had come up with. Mark you, this is being done in broad day light so if you’re thinking Churchill was joking, you have to reiterate and think of this as a very serious case.

Here is his facebook post: