The Rotting Mercedes Benz Display at the Judiciary Car Park

Seemingly, Kenya is indeed a rich country overflowing with wealth. So you wonder why the government constantly has to get funds and aid from foreign countries yet the Judiciary car park is laden with Mercedes Benz fleets that seem to be lying unused and rotting their usable years away.

Any frequent and keen passerby will take note of this trait that surprisingly has been ongoing for years. These cars are pretty much in good condition as is seen in up close photos and my bet is they are worth a good sum of money that’s if the government ever decides to sell them instead of wasting them.

My two cents though, I believe there are many Kenyans who are quite well off and would buy those beauties in a heartbeat. That way, the government can have an extra amount for allowances. I seriously just don’t get it. We have many starving Kenyan’s who can’t afford the basic needs but here is a display of wealth splashed right in our faces. Oh well…it’s a shame!