Why She is no longer interested in You

So you been dating her for a few months and this time you are sure she is the real thing having had your fair share of crazy women. She is gorgeous, smart, attentive, independent and you can totally picture her in your future. Then out of the blues she stops calling or texting back, laughing at your jokes and this funny expression comes to her face when it looks like you are about to touch her. In short she no longer has time for you and she would rather go hiking under the hot sun than enjoy a romantic weekend with you.


Well, she checked out because either she had no plans of being with you for the long haul or it was something you did knowingly or unknowingly. The latter reason is more common and it’s worth noting that women lose interest in instalments/stages (unless she caught you cheating) so if you are really into her, you can pick up the signals early enough and fix them before she bails.

Don’t make yourself too available

First just like guys, women detest men who make themselves too available and are always at their beck and call. This makes her wonder when you ever work and she actually feels suffocated as you are ever hovering around even when she feels like being with her girls or simply enjoying some time alone. You know whoever said absence makes the heart grow fonder was not lying so stop calling her constantly and demanding every second of her time.

If she is the right one then show her you are serious

In most cases, women look for serious relationships. In the few happy months that you were dating, she was taking inventory, gauging and analyzing if you are Mr. Right while you were busy failing to introduce her when you met your friends, telling her that you should take things easy because you will be fine whether the relationship works out or not. What makes you think she will stay around for a guy who will anyway be fine with things not working out?

Tickle her intellect

You don’t stimulate her intellectually and/or sexually anymore. When she met you were full of ideas and projects and you really challenged her and made her believe that she can have whatever she wants if she only set her mind to it. Women want someone who challenges them to be better just like guys especially in this era where they are so empowered.

Don’t let the fire burn out

The romance is off. This is a big one given that women unlike men are more emotional and usually think with their hearts. Men get comfortable after the few months and completely stop taking her out, buying her flowers, cooking her dinner and all those things that make her insides go warm and fuzzy. Then you start treating her like one of your boys, telling her to meet you somewhere instead of picking her up or worse still burping and releasing gas in her presence and it has only been weeks!

Loss of interest

At times however, men are not to blame as some women simply lose the giddiness and interest that is present in the early stages of a relationship and they cant find in them to continue staying in the relationship without these feeling.

Nothing is wrong when everything is wrong

Women are known for saying nothing is wrong when everything is wrong and given a chance, they would shoot daggers at you. They often say, “Nothing” while rolling their eyes or sneering, that is a sign that they are angry but most men choose to ignore the situation and hope it all goes away. Well in women’s worlds, things don’t work like that. They remember every single offense and start shutting down slowly and eventually they stop caring about what you do or don’t.

Grow some Balls

No woman alive can stand a spineless man. If you never take control in any situation, are forever asking her to choose/decide, you never; initiate anything, defend her or stand up to any one, that offends you, you are spineless in her books and she will lose interest very fast.

Clean Up

Personal grooming is very crucial. Remember she saw you, liked what she saw and decided to give you a chance. A woman wants a clean well-groomed man who she can say is her man without being embarrassed as well as shows him off just as guys prefer flossing with sexy dressed up women.

Show some motivation

Lastly, women want a man who is passionate about something and is motivated. If all you do is sit at home, drink and talk negatively about your job, life or others she will definitely lose interest and leave after all, negativity and laziness are contagious.