Alfred Mutua’s Hot Wife Starts An AID’s Awareness Campaign

I have to say as much as many women thought that Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua was a hot piece of work, most men were almost swallowing their tongues and drooling after seeing his wife Josephine Mutua at a recent event when she and one of her other colleague were setting up their respective campaigns.

I mean that woman… whoa!! Okay snap back to the serious things. Josephine, Machakos’ first wife recently put up her own HIV and AIDS campaign. In the event, two things were very eminent, first was how fine she is and the second was her dedication and knowledge with AIDS and this was seen as she launched a CD by the KENEPOTE group at the Anglican Church. While we might stick here and say how noble this cause is, we have to agree that beauty and brains rarely come in the same frame but Alfred Mutua definitely nailed it. That gives us a reason to definitely get to Machakos for sure.