The Price of Fame: Collins Okello the artist who drew Uhuru now a Deadbeat Dad

So out of the blue, you get an inspiration to draw a portrait of the president in his army uniform which then goes viral on the social media waves. Everything looks rosy, you even end up getting a call from the president himself who is so impressed with the portrait that he wants you to visit him. You then appear in the news courtesy of your statehouse visit and just like that, you are at the peak of fame in the country.

Just when you’re starting to enjoy your stay at the top of everyone’s mouth, you get a blast from the past. Your former girlfriend who you allegedly impregnated and then absconded duty, comes out and finds this as the opportune time for her to hang you out to dry as a dead beat dad. Sad story huh? Well that is the same ordeal that one Collins Okello has gone through. After getting presidential recognition, a lady from his past who he fathered a daughter with has come out through social media and has laid him out to dry. Poor Collins now he is in a lot of trouble.

Here is what the girlfriend posted on facebook about the whole issue.



  • Concered Fellow

    A dead beat

  • Concered Fellow

    How could he be a dead beat dad now