Kenyan Veteran Comedian Churchill Celebrates His Birthday

Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill, the CEO and owner of Churchill comedy show and Churchill raw show just celebrated his birthday party. Being one of the few comedians who have actually made it, he was given a surprise party at his work station at radio Africa group, classic fm, where he co- hosts with Maina Kageni in the morning as his radio persona Mwalimu kingangi.

The party that was thrown was simple and yet elegant. Numerous photos from the selected privileged few show how he enjoyed the company of his friends and colleagues especially the cake cutting and eating part. The candy spread sweet flavoring cake came in a pack of six large cakes ensuring that everyone there got a taste. The first to wish him a great birthday was Maina kageni followed by numerous fans on his twitter and face book accounts. Videos from the day show he was jubilant singing along birthday songs but remained quite on his age. Well it’s only a matter of time before someone slips up.