Sonko-Cinema as DNA Drama Ensues Between Sonko and College Sweetheart


Sonko, our beloved Senator is one known to always have our attention with his endless sagas in and out of the political scope. Josephine Thuku, his former college girlfriend who resides in Kwale came out earlier in the year claiming that Sonko fathered her two kids and has been demanding monthly upkeep totaling to about Ksh.140,000.

Much recently, Sonko was reported to have secretly picked the kids after school and took them for private DNA testing. Josephine seems to have either panicked or lost it now since she openly put off the act and expressed her doubts on how credible the results are.

Meanwhile, Sonko has been paying Ksh.15,000 towards the kids’ upkeep and their school fees as they await their next hearing which is due on the 17th of December. She is quite lucky or so I tend to think; not many men will provide for a child whose relation they aren’t so sure about….yet. So who is fooling who? We await the outcome with bated breath!!