Betty Bayo Denounces Her Self Proclaimed Con Prophet Husband Victor Kanyari After Jicho Pevu’s Expose

Ever heard the notion that if you are broke just start a church? Well, it seems that this is something that has become increasingly rampant. People shamelessly using the word of God and ministry purposes to mint millions! Finally it appears that renowned gospel singer Betty Bayo has woken up and decided not to defend the con man of a husband. After Picho pevu expose ‘prayer preditors’, yesterday night, she seems fed up. She took to her face book account and distanced herself from pastor prophet victor Kanyari of salvation healing ministry.

The Jicho pevu team, headed by John Allan Namu and Mohammed Ali gave detailed evidence accounts of coached witnesses. Various people were hired to fake miracle healings and give false testimonials. The incident comes just a few weeks after the famous 310 shilling seedlings that could apparently reproduce millions. After the airing, Kenyans took to social media and expressed their frustrations and disappointments. Mrs Betty kanyari was not left behind and clearly stated, quote;

“I would rather die than be part of what is ungodly…anything that contradicts my faith….Anything that mocks the God who got me from the wilderness, from humble beginnings and raised me for his glory”
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    Hahaha this is so funny

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    Wow what a story

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    Religion is biz

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    love just met at the eleventh hour……… and ends with allan namu in the same hour.

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    Aaaaiii!!! she never new???? ata wewe unatubeba aje??

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    please betty, wilderness ni wapi coz nimetafuta nikakosa

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