Ezekiel Kemboi Gun Scandal

3000 Steeplechase Olympic gold winner and world champion is trending again and for all the wrong reasons. His anger management issues are certainly getting out of hand if the accounts that are trending are anything to go by.

A Ms Charity Wachira is accusing the athlete of threatening and intimidating her for a small misunderstanding on his part. The incident that took place next to the Platinum 7D lounge night club that is right next to Tuskys supermarket was not only unwarranted but careless.

The altercation between the two came due to parking space that the female driver was awaiting when a large range over with plate registration number KBV 555 N came from nowhere and started hooting incessantly. When the hooting persisted, the lady decided to use hand signals, as her hazard signaling lights proved to be insufficient for Kemboi.

Apparently this wasn’t enough and Kemboi is said to have driven next to her, exited his car to intimidate her with a gun when the lady passenger she was with poured liquid content on Charity. To make the situation worse, he broke the cars’ wind breaker and grabbed the phone belonging of charity’s sister who was on the passenger’s seat and the car keys which he gave a bouncer at the club. Unknown to him, a friend passenger at the back was taking pictures of the car as he drove off. This is a sad incident that comes barely two years after the incident of stabbing of an ex- girlfriend. Just to think that he is a police officer is scary.