Kiuna’s Wealth, Day Light Robbery Or Blessing From God?


With the craze going on about the so called pastors and prophets are swindling people, it become involuntary for one to think about the “rich, mighty and powerful chosen ones” wealth. One such couple is the Kiuna’s. Allan Kiuna together with wife Kathy runs the Jubilee Christian Church (JCC), which is basically for the rich. If anyone happens to be of the lower level income, it’s better not to step in the church or even dream about getting any blessings, as one would definitely feel and be out of place.

And If it’s anything to go by, the recent photos of the Kiuna’s house just makes one imagine does the congregation of JCC really offer a tithe of 10% of their earnings, or do they give out 90 % and stay with only 10% so that they can get blessings. The mansion is so huge it’s hard to imagine that only a few individuals live there. However, it’s not hard to come to a conclusion as the congregations wealth is practically displayed on the bishop’s fingers, and It won’t be long before the gold rings become more than the number of fingers. But then again, perhaps the Kiuna’s do have the blessings of God.

Here are some pictures that flaunt his wealth and the amount he has invested over the years.