Mohammed Ali Reaction To Pastor Kanyari’s Allegations Of Having Supported Muslim Cleric Makaburi Extreme Decisions


It seems desperation has taken a whole new level especially for money minting pastors. After completely being humiliated for his ungodly deeds at the KTNs expose ‘profit preditors’ prophet profit Victor Kanyari, decided to hit back. Fingering and blaming specific member of the Jicho Pevu team, Mohammed Ali for all his woes.

Having drawn parallels to the case of Abubaker Shariff Ahmed Makaburi’s story as the last resort of clearing his name, claiming that Mohammed supported the extremist decisions by painting him a good man. However with all the evidence pointing at him many thought that it would fail but apparently sheep would follow their masters to the sink hole literally (pun intended).

Victor wanyari sympathizers took to face book and attacked him. Proving that it was on professional basis, Mohammed Ali, rather than engaging in a verbal fight with the prophet sympathizers, he simply wrote “it unfortunate”. With diverse opinions on social media, one thing that does stand out is the fact that that evidence is there and not doctored. Who is say that it’s false when Betty Bayo the wife believed in the expose?