Victor Kanyari Reaction to Jicho Pevu’s Expose of His Ungodly conducts


After the jicho Pevus expose ‘prayer predictors’ yesterday night. It seems that the “pastor prophet” Victor Kanyari has found his voice again. In an attempt to clear his name, Victor Kanyari decided to pick on and vehemently deny the allegations that were directed at KTNs investigative journalist, Mohammed Ali. Victor to accused Mohammed Ali and fingered him as a person who is working against his ministry works. This incident came a few hours after his wife publicly denounced him and his shameful acts of faking miracles for worshippers and money.

Word going round that he apparently lost his cool and did a round on Betty Bayos’ face that resulted to her going to hospital after assistance from neighbors in their Nairobi Donholm residence. One wonders what he is trying to save. For a pastor he has a long list of scandals that include him fondling a woman’s breast in public, selling fake seed and enlisting the services of people for fake miracle accounts and testimonials. All which have recorded proof however he doesn’t believe that.

Below is a caption of his exact words

“Why are people believing so much in Mohammed Ali and not prophet Kenyan…. Mohammed Ali against the church, how do you see?
  • Milly

    nobody will take you to court. Our GOD is just. wait

  • kelvin

    look on the brighter side of the coin. riches utaziacha tu hapa

  • Stephen

    how did mohammed ali finger you? really …..chemistry expert?

  • victor

    who prophesied for kanyari to get his voice back?….

  • keli

    potassium permanganate ……… hehe i wonder what he score in his chemistry subject in high school ….. oh he left high school in form TOOOOOOOO.

    • Daniel Blow

      Crazy people in this world, what was he thinking