The Real Reason Why Alex Chamwada Quit Royal Media Services To Go Solo

Alex Chamwada, a household name in Kenyan journalism that many of us grew up knowing and seeing on our screens has finally resigned from his long time stable, Royal Media Services. He handed in his lengthy resignation letter which seemed quite cordial and seemingly there weren’t any hard feelings between them.

He calls this move a transition as he openly expresses his gratitude and satisfaction of the many years and the much exposure that working at Citizen TV and many other stations has brought him. He intends to spread his wings further into independent production on current affairs. He penned a very emotional and friendly letter to give special thanks to those who helped him become who he is.

He is soon set to be back on our screens in a different capacity. When all is said and done, life remains a journey of discoveries and change is inevitable. We wish him well as he embarks on yet another phase of his life in his broadcasting career.