President Uhuru ditches Motorcade and Boards ‘Matatu’ Like the common ‘Mwananchi’


President Uhuru has once again astonished many Kenyans. In a bid to promote the cashless fare system initiated by safaricom to curb corruption vices, he decided to ditch his usual motorcade and board a matatu to KICC which is very diverse from the norm. Just to see how cool he is, he went ahead and even paid the 30 shillings fare for Safaricoms CEO bob Collymore, private secretary Jomo Gecaga and Michael Kamau.

Even though the public service vehicle was squeezed in between the usual land cruisers, the act just shows how humble and down to earth the president really is. Experiencing life as an ordinary Kenyan citizen, thus proving how great a leader and head of state he really is. And for those thinking he possibly couldn’t, he proudly displayed the 1963 card with a wide grin on his face. With all this happenings, one just cannot wait to see what Mr. Uhuru will do the next time he is in the public eyes.