Oscar Sudi Gets Assaulted by a Police Officer

Oscar Sudi the MP for Kapsaret was allegedly assaulted and injured by a police officer on the Eldoret-Nakuru road. The incident occurred at a road block and it is reported that the officer asked the MP to stop since he was over speeding.

A brief argument ensued and there was some sort of misunderstanding which led to the officer slapping the MP. Other sources claim that he was resisting arrest while some witnesses on the scene also claim that the MP was the first one to slap the officer and he slapped him back on impulse.

During the scuffle, Oscar Sudi got injuries on his legs and chest. The incident led to angry residents blocking the highway and this has caused a lot of commotion in the area. To many it seems disrespectful but there is always the other side to any story. What’s your take?

Here is a video courtesy of KTN of how the entire scuffle rolled out: