Mother to Critically ill Patient in the US Finally gets in Touch

A few days ago a hospital in the US made an appeal to anyone who could provide information concerning the family or relatives of one Alfred Mugo. The Kenyan who is critically ill had been in ICU for days and he urgently required the consent of any next-of-kin before any decision could be made. Sadly Alfred Mugo, an IT graduate from Kennesaw University was currently homeless and had been living on the streets for quite some time.

Last Friday the mother of the patient contacted the medical facility where Alfred had been admitted and spoke to a couple of doctors about her son’s condition. By then, she was in the process of making travel arrangements to visit the hospital. In most cases medical law requires the consent of close family members to carry out any surgical medical procedures that a patient may require.

Thanks to the support and concern of many Kenyans, a life has been saved. We all hope that Alfred, will recover soon and probably come back home.