Ugandan Music Ariste Desire Luzinda Summoned By Police Over Leaked Nude Photos

After the much trending nude photos of Ugandan Artiste Desire Luzinda that were leaked with a jilted lover Franklin Emuobor, a Nigerian National, local Ugandan authorities are now on her case. According to section 13 of the anti- pornographic law of Uganda section 13, anyone who exhibits pornographic material to the public through hardcopy or electronic means is to pay a fine of 10 million or 10 years.

This however comes after much criticism, enthusiast and haters divided on whether to crucify Luzinda or the boyfriend. The State minister ethnic and integrity, Mr. Simon Lokodo has summoned Desire to their offices. However it seems that she has gone missing, that is according to the statement of police spokesman Fred Enange who stated that all her official numbers are off.

The ministry of Uganda internal affairs is also investigating reports of the then boyfriend, a Nigerian national and how he managed to acquire Ugandan passports on two different occasions. Passport no B1012076, first in 2011 and renewed in 2013 using fake identity claiming he was born in Rutooma in west Uganda. The police are stating that he must have had assistance to conceal his identity.

It seems that after the love affair went sour so did everything else in desire Luzindas case. However waiting to see how everything turns out after her arrest.