Was Singer Jose Chameleon involved in a Murder?


For a long time we have been serenaded and swept off our feet by his music and intense talent. If only this case applied to his Brother. But as fate would have it, Jose Chameleon’s brother Pallaso who is also an artiste in Uganda has the worst to say about his older brother. It is yet to be determined if his fete was out of anger or actually true.

In a recent happening, Pallaso was arrested when a video was uploaded showing him assaulting fellow musician Weasel’s wife who is pregnant. After being released on a Ush 8 million bond, the young budding artiste thought his bigger brother should have done more to be on his side and that is when all hell broke loose. Here is the tweet he posted after he got released from remand prison.

“Chameleone really??? You?? !! You beat me and broke my teeth, you are the most violent and brutal artiste the whole industry knows you beat DJ Roja just recently!! ‘You Even Killed Robert Karamaji’ and Still got a break but you don’t think any human deserves a chance but your selfish self that’s why your whole family has abandoned you.
Chameleone you and your goons burnt and killed Robert Karamaji and i was there by your side through the whole situation but you think now is your turn to drown me oswadde !!!”

We have loved chameleone for a long time and we hope that this is not in any bit true.