The Lies and Games of Beauty Pageants Rock Miss Tanzania Competition

On the 11th of October, Sitti Mtevu and daughter to the Temeke member of parliament was announced as the winner to the Miss Tanzania 2014-2015 competition but instead of what would have been a glorious and joyous journey it turned out to be quite the turbulence. Her participation was marred by lies and inconsistencies and even worse the crowd favorite was Jinah Dameck who was not even the first runner up. Once the announcement was made, the hard questions started flying around.

The first was and most cumbersome was the possibility of Sitti being just 18 years and still have a master’s degree from a university in Texas. Further digging later showed that the lady was actually 25 and as you would expect, favoritism and corruption made quite the rounds and when Sitti Mtevu couldn’t handle it anymore, she threw in the towel and handed her resignation letter to the organizers of the event Lino International Agency Limited who read the same and announced the first runner up Lilian Kamanzima as the new heir to the crown.