Willy Paul Defends Girlfriend, Vows to Stay with Her through Thick and Thin


After finally finding the woman who made his heart throb, Willy Paul made his choice public a few weeks again and unveiled his girlfriend; many finally thought that he would have some peace of mind especially in his love life. However this seems not to be the case as Kenyans as usual do what they do best, judge and prejudge anything and everything.

Many Kenyans are thinking shallow of Willy Paul’s choice, wondering why he choose a girl with a “bad girl aura image’ surrounding her. Her indecent provocative dressing and overall character seems to have sparked the fierce debate on social media. Apparently she was spotted smoking Bhang (Marijuana) and this depicts a very negatively on Willy Paul’s music career and choice being that he is a gospel artiste.


However it seems that Willy Paul is really into her, coming to her rescue and offering excuses and reasons for her behavior stating that he loves her and is planning to stand besides her as she puts on her new changed personality.

Below is a caption of his words

People change… I have made my stand…to stand with girlfriend through thin and thick…., she had a very bad past… I love her so much and am willing to do everything possible to make her happy especially now that she is all new……