Wondering Why Someone (Njoki Chege) Who Is Not In A Relationship Is Giving Us Relationship Advice

It seems that Njoki chege is at it again, doing what she does best, garnering hate reviews after writing an outrageous post on men. Somehow it’s refreshing at least it is balanced, this time round hitting on men from Roysambu and south B and Kinoo after last time writing a despicable post about Women. I mean which woman on planet earth with sisters, mother’s aunts supported her?

So what is all the fuss about this time round? Well I mean she has clearly stated that she can’t stand men who think that going on a date is at the ‘masakus 7s or Naxvegas’, wonder why she didn’t put Gor mahia and AFC leopards game in the mix, the latter seems way less fancier and violent. Any way I didn’t get the brothel joke, was it suppose to be amusing? Nonetheless she did speak some truths about not liking guys who smell like breweries, which ladies actually loathe. And who likes those ‘phone wielding jamaa’s who put on instagram’ every bottle beer that they take, even other guys seem to have issues with egotistical mediocre men, who seem to brag more, spend more and get broke more often.

Nonetheless it seems that many finally know why Njoki Chege is still single, according to her she speaks of ‘flying solo this Christmas and the next’. This woman has relationship issues. Sincerely speaking first she speaks on women blaming them for their husbands/ boyfriends infidelity, as if everyone is perfect with perfect metabolism and physical structure. Then she talks about men being too broke and having no class thus can’t hold down a girlfriend. If she was in a relationship, she would not be bickering on the Daily’s rather she would be looking for the small pleasures to make her relationship flourish even more.

However if she continues to search for her perfect man in refined, rich and married individuals, she will be waiting long to see any man coming her way.