Ciku Muiruri’s Take on Victor Kanyare

Well, Mohamed Ali struck again and in his usual sense, he left a trail of Kenyan mouths talking and plenty of comments and thoughts all directed to the self-proclaimed doctor and Pastor Victor Kanyare. However, while most were hurling insults at the pastor and mocking his predicament, a few prominent personalities expressed how they were actually impressed by his abilities. First was Caroline Mutoko and now there is Ciku Muiruri.

There is no doubt that Kanyare being a form 2 drop out did pay attention to his chemistry and according to Ciku, this only prompted her to wish she had paid more attention to the classes herself to avoid being conned. She went further to label the fake preacher as a ‘marketing genius’ owing to his idea of the 310 phenomena on her column on Zuqka. She went on to compare Kanyare and his shenanigans to some of the marketing greats like Lily Langtry and John Brinkley. At least someone took notice of Kanyare’s unique gift if only he had used them in the right way.