DNG Finally Getting Married


After confusing Kenyans for quite sometimes with getting saved and then backsliding several times, Kenyans had come to a screeching conclusion that DNG did not have much of strong will power and will to commit. However, the talented radio presenter and Emcee was not going to let his past short comings get in the way of his future as he quickly showed it to the people.

Over the weekend a rather bizarre post appeared on this social feeds but it is the kind that a lot of people yearn to see and are happy about and that is one when two people are tying the knot to show their commitment to each other. After completing the task of paying bride price for his girlfriend Yvette Nungari, David DNG Ngibuini made it clear that he was not in fear of committing and actually sounded very excited about this. However, it is not clear when the wedding bells will go off but you can rest assured. When we know, you will know as well.