Njoki Chege’s Response To Not Being Able To Pay Off Her Loan


Considering all the slicing and annoying ideologies of Njoki Chege, it would have been thought a straight forward reply to the unpaid loans saga was kind of her thing. Like, of course it’s not true! Anyways, this was not to be when encountered at a restaurant. The high-heeled, glamorous-looking damsel, when questioned about the loans could only excuse herself hurriedly stating that it was not the right time for media chatting. Funny thing is, after her reply she practically sprinted and hid behind the restaurant door.

Just wondering how someone so good at shooting down male egos could be in such a compromising position. I mean, a straight answer from a much composed ‘lady’ like she supposedly is would have been so easy to come out considering her perfect view of life in relation to how men are potential hazards for everyone.