Blogger Apologizes To Nameless And Wahu For Spreading False Rumors About Their Marriage

A blogger recently ran a story on social media claiming that Nameless and Wahu were getting a divorce. He explained that the reason behind the divorce was due to the fact that Nameless found out that their second child was not his biological daughter. He also went ahead to say that Nameless was disappointed in her wife especially because he had been faithful to her. This story came as a shock to Nameless who denied the story on social media saying that his family was okay and that all the false accusations made them stronger as a couple.

The blogger, George Moseti, has now come forth apologizing to the couple. He claims that he got the story from a certain blogger whose name he is not sure of and decided to post it. He says that he is not a blogger in any way and is very sorry for any harm caused and for starting the rumor.

  • Jamlek

    why is wahu not complaining