Miss World 2014 Contestant Murdered in Cold Blood!


What happens when you are an aspiring Miss World contestant and you have every chance of winning it but then you decide that before you go to London where the Miss World pageant is being held you pay your mother a visit in Honduras? For those who do not now this, Honduras is home to the most dangerous city on the planet. Murders here are like breakfast in the morning with more than 1,200 people murdered every year? Well you guessed it right, you get kidnapped and probably murdered.

That is exactly what happened to Miss World Honduras Aspirant Jose Alvarado (19 years) and her sister Sofia Trinidad. The two after visiting their mother went for a party after which they were reported missing only for their bodies to be found after days of searching.

Apparently the Honduras police are so used to murder that they are not treating this as a major crime but just in case, they have arrested four people among them Sofia’s boyfriend to assist with the investigations.