Desire Luzinda is finally arrested And She Could Be Heading To Prison

Today morning Desire Luzinda came out back to the limelight and surrendered herself to the police after being in hiding for close to three weeks. Armed with her two lawyers, Desire appeared at a police station to record her statement .She has been on the police radar after her nude photographs were leaked to the public by her Ex-boyfriend Franklyn Emuobor a Nigerian. According to the Ugandan law, Luzinda is accused of “distributing” pornography to the public and thus if found guilty she can be imprisoned for up to 10 years or a fine of sh10million.

Even though she had earlier spoken to her fans on face book saying that she wasn’t hiding and just taking one step at a time. You may just wonder why she wasn’t surrendering to the police when she clearly knew she was being sought for .Now with her statement recorded everyone will just wait and see what the justice system will do.