Otieno Kajwang Was Poisoned By His Enemies Says Robert Alai

Robert Alai says that he is not convinced that the late senator Otieno Kajwang died of a heart attack. He says that he was told by a senior doctor that for someone to bleed in death, he must have swallowed something that interfered with his blood clotting. If this happens the person dies. Since Otieno Kajwang suffered the same symptoms when he died, Robert Alai is convinced that someone poisoned him.

He made his claims on facebook. The exact words he used were,

“Some senior Doctor has just told me that someone bleeds in death because he/she swallowed something which interferes with clotting of blood. Otieno Kajwang’ did not die of heart attack. He was poisoned. We should investigate who poisoned him.”

His post has gotten a lot of people’s attention. However, Kenyans do not seem convinced by Robert Alai’s claims about Otieno Kajwang’s death.