This is Why Vera Is No Match For Actress Waridi

So Vera had her twins done and souped up. One would think that after they grew considerable bigger she would not have any competition in that area but unfortunately it has emerged that there is one lady that can put Vera’s twins to shame at the simple glance of an eye. Remember a certain actress that used to be known as Waridi? She was better known for her clean shaven head but recently she showed the people and especially men that they should be remembering her for something different.

She posted her pictures on social media and it is safe to say her twins look gorgeous. They are what every man dreams of and more importantly the same cannot be said for any other socialite be it Vera, Corazon or any other that had claims to that throne. The funny thing is that with all the mydress mychoice happening no one has complained about this. Maybe the real problem is that men are preferring to see something different. But regardless we have to give it Waridi she does have quite an exemplary pair.