Autopsy Results Out: This Is What Killed Senator Otieno Kajwang


The autopsy which was done to show whether Otieno Kajwang really did died from a heart attack has been revealed. An announcement by the government pathologist Johansen Oduor revealed that the senator did die from a heart attack. In addition the autopsy went on to show that the senator had an enlarged heart with small artery veins, which still could not have sustained him for long if they had not been replaced.

However, other doctors who examined the body noticed extensive erosion of his stomach walls which could still be clearly seen by the naked eye along with some some external injuries. Senator James Orengo who also viewed the body added that there were some broken ribs and sternum. One just has to assume that it was due to the road accident he had about a week ago. However with conflicted results in, there’s clearly still a lot to debate about.