Finally Revealed This Is What Really Killed Senator Otieno Kajwang

As it well known that the late Senator Otieno Kajwang passed away from what was reported as a heart attack. However with speculations and rumor spreading about it being foul play. The deceased family took steps to have an autopsy done on him by the family’s pathologist Professor Emily Rogena and government pathologist Johansen Oduor. Others present in the autopsy were the deceased’s e Tom Kajwang , Senator James Orengo who is also acting as the family’s lawyer and other assorted members of parliament .The autopsy done found that the senator did die from a heart attack. With angry supporters still threatening to storm in and disrupt burial arrangements a decision was made to have some more samples tested. The samples taken were stomach contents and urine.

However Kenyans have to wait for some few more hours to really get to know what was contained in the samples that were taken and thus know if he really died from a heart attack or something else.