Meet Late Otieno Kajwangs Hot Daughter From The Second Family

Everybody remembers the drama that unfolded when a woman claiming to be Kajwang’s second wife came out. The woman who was identified as Rose Vivian Otieno went to Kajwangs home saying that she was married to Kajwang for 19years having two children with him, a boy who is currently at Kabarak university and a young girl. Accompanying her at the time was her daughter Christie Otieno and other relatives who demanded to be included in the late senators burial arrangements.

Speaking of 18 year old Christie Otieno, one can only describe her as hot, beautiful, and easy on the eye. But all in all she does look a lot like Otieno Kajwang so there is no denying the relation there. Since she has just cleared high school she may not be in the dating scene yet, but the truth of the matter is any sane man would want a piece of her.

Even though nobody knows her well now, all one can hope for is that she be included in Kajwangs eulogy and information about her be put in as well.