Ugandan Nanny From Hell Awaits Sentencing On Attempted Murder Charges While The Baby She Tortured Is Now Well Recovered

We often hear stories of nannies and house helps torturing children but few are ever recorded. One woman Jolly Tumuhiirwe, 22 is nursing some serious injuries and apparently now using hearing aid after the beating she got. Having had suspicions about the quality service that his child was getting, one Ugandan father decided to install CCTV cameras at his home. The video that he saw was not only heart breaking but evoked anger that saw him beat his house help almost half dead.

The video revealed the maid forcefully trying to feed a sick child. Unable to keep up with the feeding speed the maid gives the toddler two slaps to ‘motivate’ the child to eat more. With all the rough treatment she had just received as expected the child vomited. The enraged house help flings the child from the sofa to the floor and lands face first. Soon after the maid pounces on the baby beating her mercilessly with a rechargeable torch while she wails. If that wasn’t enough she kicks the child, steps on her then turns and hits her face before standing on her some more. Finally she takes the child to the next room for some more beating.

As with any loving father the man was enraged and beat her. Reported by the maid to the police, Mr, kamanzi was arrested. However the tune soon changed after the police watched the video. As it now stands Jolly Tumuhiirwe the maid has been charged at under Anti torture act at Nakara court. Revision of the charges is under way to charge her with attempted murder where Tumuhiirwe will appear in December 8th 2014.

So far the child has recovered from the ordeal and you can view the video here: