Diamond Caught Cheating with Ugandan Socialite Zari

It all started when photos of hard hitting Tanzanian musician Diamond and Ugandan Socialite Zari leaked. Butt, Wema Sepetu came out with all guns blazing Diamond was quick to say that the two were only associated on a business level and it finally seems that the line between their business and pleasure was finally crossed when the latest photo was leaked.

In the photo, Zari and Diamond seem to kiss in a very passionate way that does not spell even one letter of business. One thing that is very clear is that the two seem to have quite some chemistry going. The two were alleged to take their “projects” down to Dar-es-Salaam and it is also expected that Diamond will be attending a party that will be hosted by Zari. While Diamond defended his relationship with Zari as purely professional, Wema could well be second guessing the present she got from Diamond as his interests now seem to be going elsewhere. Let’s wait and hear what project Diamond and Zari will be working on next.