Revealed!! AP Police Officer Part of the Stripping Hooligans!!


Well, time and time again people and especially women have called upon the police to arrest those that were part and parcel of the recent stripping incidents. But what is the country turning to if the police are now part of those that are going around stripping people? This was the case as a 16 year old girl (yes, you read that right SIXTEEN year old!!) was about to be stripped in a commuter bus.

According to the girl’s aunt who narrated the painful and frightening ordeal, two men came into the bus drunk and started throwing slurs at the women who were in the bus until they set their eyes on a 16 year old girl who according to them was in a trouser that was too tight. Her aunt came out to defend her but she received a blow to the head but that was not about it. When they decided to alight, the two men refused. That is when it was decided that they drive to a police station and that is when the men decided to alight but the touts came in handy in catching them. Once at the police station it was discovered that one of the men was an AP policeman. It is truly shocking that those meant to protect are the first to victimize.

Here is the ordeal of how it all went down courtesy of Nation Media: