Someone Seriously Needs To Put An End To This: Ciku Muiruri Recalls When She Was Almost Stripped Naked

With all the madness going around on stripping “indecently “dressed women, Ciku muiruri formerly of classic 105 decided to tell her story on how she was to be feasted on by the self branded fashion police on the streets.

Being 20 years old at that time, she wore a short black and white skirt with a generous slit on the back. On alighting at a stage in Thika she was obviously the center of attraction by the touts, one by one they alerted each other on their soon to be prey as she was walking past them. As their numbers grew their so did their voices, on sensing danger Ciku started running towards a hotel 200metres from where she was. The hooligans hot on her trail jeering as they were catching up to her. Just when they were about to catch her, a car pulled up next to her with an elderly woman driving hurriedly beckoned her to enter and drove away, and she can only be glad to have been saved.

This just goes to show that the madness did not start at this time and has always been around but still on the rise.