Disgust & Outrage over the Revenge Raping of a 3-Year Old in Nyeri

Sexual assault is now a part of Kenya seemingly with women being stripped left, right and centre and now a 3 year old gets raped. Judy Kosgei of Citizen TV ran the story of this innocent little girl from Nyeri County who was raped by her two uncles simply because her mother chose to leave her matrimonial home after her husband got her a co-wife.

This gruesome defilement was carried out as revenge by the brother’s of the husband. They were revenging over the wife leaving. The mother who had forcibly left her kids came back to meet the nightmare of a raped and severely beaten son and a defiled daughter as well.

The little girl has sustained serious injuries and is now in need of surgery. Just how low has man decided to stoop? This is just so heart breaking and sad. What did a 3year old do to deserve this, you wonder? Such immoral actions cannot be justified at all and those responsible don’t deserve to live at all.

Watch the video of how all this happened: